Apr 08, 2020  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

International Studies, Global Affairs Emphasis, B.A.

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International Studies

The growth of world interdependence has made it imperative that Ferrum College offer its students a program of study which can prepare them to function effectively in a society more than ever affected by international affairs. Virtually every aspect of life in the modern United States – business and labor, religious life, government: both federal and state, and even science and technology – is influenced by what happens in the wider world. The interdisciplinary major in International Studies is designed to provide students with the opportunity to be educated for citizenship in this kind of world. Students must choose one of the two emphasis areas.

The Global Affairs emphasis broadly covers history, language, culture, economy, and politics of foreign nations and the international community. Graduates will be prepared to take advantage of expanding career opportunities in transnational businesses, government, and the many humanitarian, research, and lobbying groups operating in the international context. The program also provides an academic foundation for post-graduate study.

The International Security Studies emphasis area of the International Studies program will focus on specific courses and topics pertaining to international security, including cybersecurity, war, terrorism, and other related security issues. Students interested in careers in intelligence, security, government related careers, the military, cybersecurity, and legal profession may benefit from taking this emphasis area of the major.

Experiential Component (Complete the Following Courses:)

International Travel (Choose one course)

One course that involves international travel including but not limited to:

Common Liberal Arts Requirements (12 Credit Hours)

Research Course (Choose 1 Research Course from list)

International Travel (Choose one course)

One course that involves international travel, such as:

Common Language Requirement (6 Credit Hours)

  • LAN 301, 302 - Advanced Foreign Language Credit Hour(s): 6

Global Affairs Emphasis

Area Studies (9 Credits)

Choose 9 hours from the following:

Major Electives (6 Credit Hours)

Additional courses from the Area Studies or International Relations categories or from the following:

Total Credit Hours Required in Major: 57

Total Credit Hours Required in Degree: 121

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